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The Ranking of AAL ranks the best aapg teams. The Ranking depends of the teams results at the AAL tournaments. 

By this ranking system every player gets points to their name, based on what place their teams got in previous AAL tournaments.

The system was made so it would be easier for us to rank teams by skill and experience. The points for teams will do with the 4 players with more points in each team.


The points will be different depending which type of tournament it is. There will be 3 types: Major Competition ( 5vs5 League), Medium Competition (4vs4 Cup) and Small Competition (Ladders or 2vs2).


Depending on when the tournament ended, the points can be removed with time, since there will be decay time. The competitions with 6 months will hold 100% of points. Competitions with 1 year or more will hold 60% of points. With more than 2 years, 40% of points. With more than 3 years, 20% of points.


This are the last top4 of past competitions and the points that they get. First in the Spring Cup of this year, second is the League of 2019

Spring Cup 2020

League  5vs5 2019

For example now a player of NAC has 600 points of this competition, Spring Cup, and have the 60% of points of 1150, because it was last year competition

Table Ranking Points

Major Competition

Medium Competition

Small Competition

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