AAL League



-Screenshots are required at all the time, send one screenshot of final results and of players pings and post in the toornament website, in results section.

-The screenshot of pings has to taken by home team.

-Not sending the screenshots could result in a penalty for teams.


-Minimum 5 players in required per team.

-You have to register two captains and this at least have account in Toornament website

-You can register five substitutes.

-Discarding rounds and substitutions are allowed.

-You cant change players in the middle of the match. If its a best of 3 maps,you can change players between maps, but not in the middle

-The players can change teams until registration is closed

-A player can only be registered in one team for the same competition

-Players can´t play if they received a ban in less than 1 year

-During the 2 week break in Christmas, teams will have the opportunity to do changes and subtitutions on roster.

-During the league, teams have one opportunity to  add or change one player, but the changes will be applied after next week.

-You need to play with the nickname and tag registered in the tournament

-Important note: If you played in past competitions, you will have to continue using the  same nickname inside game, if not you wont be in ranking

-If a player has problems of kick server or computer crash, the team can pause the match at the end of the round. For that, you have to announce the reason to other team before pause or do it immediately after pause.

The maximum duration of this pause is 10 min.

After that, if the team can't solve the problem there will be no other opportunity to pause the match unless the other team sportingly gives them the opportunity .


-The league has a default day and hour, the teams can change the day and hour if they are agree, if they aren’t in agreement, the match has to be played in the default day and hour

- If the match is played in another day, never must be more than  3 days after the default day

-The default day and time is Sunday at 20:30 CET

-The home team has server choice

-The away team  choose the side

-The map can't be changed, maps are pre-defined for each week

-The teams have tolerated of 10 minutes of the time match

- If one team no present in the match the other team win by 0:6

-The matches are playing in 5 vs 5

- You can use the new weapons( Scar-H, CZ Alpha, and M17)

-Match can be played with a minimal of 4 and a maximum of 5 players per team.

-All the rounds have to be played

-The matches are 16 rounds system

- In the league matches can be finish tie, in playoffs will be a OT

- For stream we need the cooperation of teams, sometimes we need maybe move the hour of the match for streaming.

- If you are in the competition  you can't deny that your match is going to stream

-During the match is streaming, the players are playing in this match, he/she cant be watching the streaming.

-Nobody in spectator at least that be admin of the tournament or someone that stream the match (always with the consent of both teams)

-All comunications between the teams that play the match have to be in the chat lobby match on toornament site

Explanation Rules Chat.PNG
Explanation Rules Chat 2.PNG
Explanation Rules Chat 3.PNG

-If the teams registered are 6-8, the league format would be round robin with playoffs. The first 4 teams will play the playoffs.

-If the teams registered are 8-10, the league format would be a single round robin with playoffs. The first 6 teams will play the playoffs, The first and second team classified move direct to semifinals and third, fourth, five, and six teams classified will play quarterfinals.

-If the teams registered are 10-12, the league format would be a single round robin with playoffs. The first 8 teams will play the playoffs

-If the teams register are more than 12, the league format would be a single round robin with two groups and next playoffs. The first 4 teams of every group will play the playoffs.

-The league game have the next punctuation:

  Win: 3 points

  Tie: 1 point

  Loose: 0 points

-Playoffs will be played in best-of-three format, each match will be played in a map choosed by MAP VETO, using this website https://www.mapban.gg/en/ban/aapg/aal

-Staff of AAL will put inside My TEAMS  the link for they can veto the maps

-Round Robin will be played each match in one map


-All the rounds haven't to be played

-The matches are 16 rounds system

-The home team has server choice

-The away team  choose the side in first map, the home team choose side in second map and third map  choose side away team.

-Each map can't be finished in a draw( 8-8) so when this map finishes in a draw, the teams have to play OT. If 3 maps finish in a draw, so you will have to play 3 OT, 1  in each map.

 -The OT is 6 rounds, doing 3 rounds in defense, 3 rounds on assault. If they tie again its a repeating process until someone wins. (For this is you have to  put in server ini 6 rounds and restart the server)


-The playoffs will play in a single elimination bracket where the 8 first teams in classification will play the playoffs

-Playoffs will be played in best-of-three format, each match will be played in a map choosed by MAP VETO.

-Best-of-three playoff is a head-to-head competition between two teams in which one team must win two games to win the series

-For MAP VETO, you will have 10 Maps for ban, you will have to ban until 4 maps left, Each Team will ban a map until 4 maps are left. Team Left will start banning and picking. Last map will be Decider

-Staff of AAL will put the link for veto maps inside my teams place in website


Vote Stage 1                             Ban: Team A o Home                                                                                                                    

Vote Stage 2                            Ban: Team B o Away   

Vote Stage 3                            Ban: Team A o Home                                                                                                                  

Vote Stage 4                            Ban: Team B o Away 

Vote Stage 5                            Ban:  Team A o Home

Vote Stage 6                            Ban:  Team B o Away

Vote Stage 7                             Pick: Team A o Home

Vote Stage 8                            Pick: Team B o Away

Vote Stage 9                            Pick: Random


--You can't play if your ping is more of 150 in the server of the league

If the different average ping of teams is more of 30. The away team can say the match play in their server (If the away team haven’t server can use the server of the league AAL LEAGUE. For calculate, the average ping excludes the highest and lowest ping of each team.


-When you play a league or cup organized by us, never mind the server rules, the bunny jumping and camping are approved

- Normally teams need have own server, but there are AAL server for teams haven't own server.


-If the player tries to corrupt the MOSS, he will get an expulsion of the league

-If one player is getting doing cheats, he doesn't continue playing the tournament or league, and ban between 2 years and lifetime depending how the player cheated. If two or more players of the same team get doing cheats, the team is immediately out of the tournament or league. All previous games will be lost

-The minor glitches(Running nade,silent nade..) aren't allowed, if someone uses he/she can't play next game, the second time he/she has another penalty( next two games can't play), the third time can't play more in the league

-If some team use one player in the match that isn't registered in the league, the team will lose 8 points of the final results, the second time they will lose 2 games, the third time the team is eliminated of the league.

-In AAL official matches, every player must use the exact in-game nickname and team tag that is registered in toornament.com website. If a player doesn't follow this rule, their team will lose 5 rounds from the final result of the match where the rule was broken. If the rules is not followed by same player for the second time, their team will lose 8 rounds, for third time the team will lose 2 matches and fourth time the team is eliminated from the league.

Now you can see the penalties:


-MOSS (http://nohope.eu/) and DEMOREC are mandatory for all matches, and files must be hold for 2weeks.

-The team that provide the server for the matches are obligated to have Demorec active on the server settings.

-The leader must  to send all the Moss files of team until 24 hour after the game  to the  link of Mega that is  inside MY TEAMS in website, in your team area.

-You can ask for see the demorec file of the match, one of staff will show you in private discord sharing the video for you can see it. 
-You can ask for revision of demorec  if you think there are strange things, you will have like 3 Opportunities for do it, if we see that you aren’t right you lost 1 opportunity. If we think you are right, you will continue have 3 opportunities for revision. This isn’t mean that AAL Anticheat isn’t going to always revision all files, demorec or moss files.


-The captains of the home team have to put the result on Toornament website. Both teams are responsible to enter the correct result. If anything is unclear, the screenshots sent to admins it is for verifying the result

Explanation Rules Chat.PNG
Explanation Rules Report 2.PNG
Explanation Rules Report 3.PNG

Very important, with these settings, you haven't shadows and supported position. For the servers that need the ini, I let you the aagame.ini , press here. 

Remember change in this ini the password and server name.







































Weapon and Item Limits

M4/M16 - 5 x team

M249 - 1 x team

Shotgun - 1 x team

M14/M24 - 1 x team

Fogs - 2 x player


- In all official's places of the AAL, like in the matches, the players should have good behavior, no bad words or nothing about cheating. If you have a problem or you think that someone is cheating only you have to say to Staff of AAL, nobody more, if not there will be penalties.

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