Official maps of AAL

Maps in AAL

Teams are gonna play 10 official BDX maps, chosen by team captains and tournament staff.

Here's a list of maps and small introduction:

Breach- Most popular BDX map. One of main maps in every tournament.

Checkout- Smaller version of FLO Checkout. Map where you can make lot's of use of smokes. One of the biggest maps in tournament. Favourite map for many people.

Crossfire- Also one of people's favourites. Map where granades often decide outcome of the game. Hardest map to defend in, and most team work orientated.

Inner Hospital- Definitelly most popular map in whole game. Very tactical and balanced map. Biggest map in competition.

Intercept- One of the most popular maps with FLO version. In my opinion easiest map to defend in.

Lockdown- Smallest BDX map in the game with lot's of impact on granades and good aim.

Shadowstep- Biggest original BDX map in the game. Downtown cut in half. Most newer players are not too familiar with this one.

Siege- Training version of BDX Hydra. Map that is lately getting more popular amongs casual payers again. Small and tactical map.

Springstreet- Very balanced map. Favourite BDX map for many, specially competitive players.

Watchdog-  Another map that many newer players don't know too well. One of the biggest BDX maps in game, that also has a FLO version.

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